Why dentists recommend fluoride?

Many people think that good oral health is hard to come by. They often put off taking care of their teeth because they think that it takes too long, it is too much trouble, or they simply do not want to do it. Well, just like everything else in life, if you want something good you typically have to put in some effort to get it. Yet, achieving optimal oral health is actually not difficult, and there is even something that you can have done at your dentist’s office that will offer protection between visits so that you will not need to “work” as hard.

Dentists have used fluoride treatments for decades as a means to protect their patients’ teeth from cavities and decay. Fluoride is derived from the natural element Fluorine. It has long been acclaimed for its ability to strengthen tooth enamel to ward off cavities.


Many people mistakenly believe that fluoride treatments are only for children, and adults do not think to ask about them for their own teeth. Yet, fluoride treatments are as beneficial for adults as they are for younger dental patients. While it is true that children’s teeth are often more vulnerable due to their “softer” makeup, adults’ teeth are often more susceptible to damage and decay over time. Adults who suffer from an eating disorder, acid reflux, dry mouth, or gum recession should definitely speak to their dentist regarding fluoride treatments.

Additionally, if your main source of drinking water is well water, you do not maintain a healthy diet, your oral hygiene is less than stellar, you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, or you regularly consume alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs – fluoride treatments can benefit your smile a great deal.

The body is a large, complex, and interactive machine that requires all working parts to function properly in order for the body to run at a healthy and steady capacity. Any type of situation, medication, lifestyle habit, or neglect that directly impacts your mouth will also impact your overall health.

At Westinghouse Dental, we want to partner with you to achieve and maintain a healthy smile that will last for a lifetime. Fluoride treatments are quick, easy, and painless treatment applications that can help to protect your smile during the time between regular dental exams and cleanings. Call us today to learn more.